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Precast Mark 4 Type Toilet with IBR Steel Roof

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Our precast Ventilation Improved Pit (VIP) toilets are specifically designed to create better sanitation for all, guidelines laid out by government initiatives.  This system offers improved air circulation which limits the opportunity for disease. Internal dimensions of 880mm wide by 1080mm long by 1950mm high.

Base Slab

Consists of main slab to accommodate top structure and filler slab along side.


Main Slab
Filler Panel Slab
Mass of main slab
Mass of filler slab
: 1.5m x 1.0m x  0.050mm
: 1.5m x 0.5m x 0.050mm
: 176kg
: 86kg
: 311 mesh


4 x galvanized studs cast and recessed into base on main slab.

Side Panel

  • 1.1m long x 605mm high x 35mm thick.
  • Mass 57kg
  • 4mm wire with fibres

Back Panel

  • 850mm long x 605mm high x 35mm thick
  • Mass 40kg
  • 4mm wire with fibres

Top Frame

  • 1.6m galvanized channel posts with 2.5mm thick base plate
  • 2 x front posts 2 x rear posts (corner)
  • IBR roof 0.58mm galvanized steel welded to 25 x 25mm angle iron frame
  • Roof and posts fixed with 4 x 8mm cup square bolts/nuts
  • Independent steel swivel door 1.6m high x 870mm wide
  • Mass 24kg
Precast VIP Toilets Ventilation Improved Pit
VIP Toilet  
Urine Diversion
Precast Concrete Toilet Urine Diversion System
Side View Rear View
All concrete is manufactured to 35 MPA